Turn Your Smartphone To A Pro Telescope In 2 Minutes

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Turn your smartphone into a thousand dollar professional telescope that fits in your pocket.

It’s crazy that we have fantastic cameras in our phones but still need to pay thousands of dollars to get a "real camera" and even then more money for a teleobjective that is bigger than my thigh. The facts speak for themselves.

Big Camera companies don’t want you to use your phone as a camera. And even if you do use your phone, they don't provide a teleobjective that can attach to it. They need for it to be a gap between their cameras and the camera in your smartphone.

But that gap has been filled and we are now able to take stunning photos from miles away with clear HD quality! Celebrities, bloggers and professional photographers are already making the switch.

Unlike expensive cameras, Cosmic Scope is weather-proof and fog-froof, and fits easily in your pocket, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor excursion.


This monocular has the same BAK4 porro prism that is used in Military binoculars and is so effective that it captures 45% more light than a typical 42mm lens. This enables it to be so well built and compact that it can be attached to your phone or rest safe in your pocket.


10x Zoom


Shock Proof


Tripod Plug


Android & Iphone


The Cosmic pro has a superior light-transmitting system with its BAK4-prism that gathers more light and lets you see more details from farther away.

The increased light-intake also provides a wider field as well as you even get crisp high-definition pictures in minimal lighting like dusk or dawn.

The increase in light lets you take higher clarity photos with a wider field of view. You get crisp, high-definition pictures from up to 30 miles away, even in minimal lighting like dusk or dawn. Furthermore Cosmic Scope has fully Multi-Coated Lenses (FML) that reduce glare for bright high contrast images unlike other single coated lenses that cause obnoxious glare.


Cosmic Scope is made to allow everyone to have the power of a $1000 camera and lens. That’s why it is made to easily be attached to your smartphone within a couple of seconds.

On top of that, Cosmic Scope is meant to be affordable unlike the luxurious cameras that we think are required to take stunning photos. Cosmic Scope is so affordable that everyone can get it. And to make sure you bring your Cosmic Scope with you at all times so that you never miss a moment, the Cosmic Scope is built to last and is so shockproof that it will absorb an impact in case you accidentally drop it.


This device will allow you to always be ready to capture any moment from miles away!

Use it for adventure, hiking, camping, birdwatching, skywatching, at concerts or sporting events, or just keep it on you everyday, because you never know when something extraordinary will happen. You may not dare to walk around with a fragile and expensive camera and lens with you, but this monocular you can carry in your pocket every day, everywhere and see everything in more detail.


Cosmic Scope is the first monocular solution that allows you to always be ready for any spectacular moment in any environment.

Extremely Weather resistant

Made to CNC/CAD precision standards with an advanced polymer framework and real, high-quality optical glass. It will last you ages!

Waterproof, Fogproof, & Dustproof

The Cosmic Scope is 100% nitrogen purged and hermetically sealed by O-rings to keep out air, dust, and moisture. You can safely use it in the rain, snow, or dusty wind.


No need to treat it like a delicate piece of equipment. The Cosmic Scope is full-force pressure shock-tested to absorb impact if you accidentally drop it.

Ergonomic Grip Pads

Targeted rubber pads around the cylinder let you keep a steady grip, even in the rain.

Fully Compatible

Works with both iPhone and Android devices.

Lightweight and portable

Only 320 grams – No more bulky cameras or binoculars weighing down your backpack. It slips right into your pocket!


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Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about Cosmic Scope. Many people from all over the world are already using Cosmic Scope crystal clear zoom technology and have shared their experience with us.



I used this on an African safari last summer. Everyone was fumbling around with their huge, out-dated binoculars to see the animals and nature. I just whipped out my Cosmic Scope and snapped some beautiful pics within seconds. Everyone wanted to know where I got it.



The Cosmic Scope takes bird watching in the Northwest to a whole new level. I’ve seen incredible species super close-up that I would have never gotten a chance to witness before. And I could get them all on photo in a super crisp image. Amazing!



I love nature and traveling and while wide panning shots of the landscape fill my ig, there was always stuff that I really wanted to take pictures of that I was simply too far from. A boat in the distance, some nice quaint hut on top of a hill. You could barely see them in my photos. Then I find this little traveling companion of a telescope and I don’t need to point at specific parts of the pictures and tell people to squint to be able to see what I photographed haha.